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A few benefits of homeschooling with Clonard

One-on-one attention

This can make all the difference for students that just seem to be falling through the cracks at a mainstream school, or to help bright minds to flourish.


Homeschooling through Clonard
allows a great deal of flexibility.
Children can work at their own
pace and in their own learning
style. Take holidays whenever
you choose.

Safe & nurturing environment

A homeschooling environment
provides a safe haven for
learning. Children feel secure and
confident in their learning and free
to develop their individuality.

Secure the future

Know that you are doing the right
thing in ensuring that your child's
education is in the best hands –
yours. Our curriculum provides
the peace of mind and support
that you need.

Clonard Distance Education
is a homeschooling curriculum
provider with over 20 years of
experience. We are with you
every step of the way to ensure
your child receives the best
possible education at home.

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