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Homeschooling Fun

Ditch the curriculum for a while, get creative and make learning fun.  With homeschooling you can!  Homeschoolers are not confined to the classroom and not restricted by the school bell, sometimes it’s good to break the routine and have a little fun.  The kids will love you for it! Here are just a few of […]


Beat the School Bully

In South Africa countless children fall victim to bullying, harassment and abuse at schools.  It has been reported that there is an increase in the number and severity of bullying incidents in South African schools, made so much worse by the onset of social media.  Urgent and sustained intervention is required – no doubt an […]

SA School

The state of South African Schools

These are the facts: A shocking 25% of pupils who have attended school for 6 years cannot read (compared to 4% in Tanzania and 19% in Zimbabwe). After 5 years of school about half the students cannot work out that 24 divided by 3 equals 8. Only about 37% of children starting school go on […]