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31 Reasons our parents choose to home-school their children

The question of “Why do you choose to home-school?” is one our parents are often faced with as home-schooling often brings up a lot of questions in the mind of parents and other people in and around the community. For over 23 years Clonard has had thousands of parents and children pass through our curriculum for various reasons. We managed to collate 31 of these reasons to share with you to see why you too should consider home-schooling your child.

1. Quality one-on-one time
2. Working at their child’s pace
3. Dissatisfaction with the level of education at schools
4. To instil their family values/morals
5. To focus on love of learning rather than rote learning
6. To get away from the bullying in the school system
8. To form a closer relationship with their child/children
9. To suit work hours better (ie. shiftwork or transfers)
10. To focus on a child’s special needs or learning struggles
11. They have a gifted child that is being overlooked or not adequately challenged
12. More flexibility because life is busy!
13. They don’t want to miss days with their children
14. Tailoring education to their child’s specific learning style
15. World-schooling (freedom to travel- how and when you want to, not just in school holidays)
16. Safety – with all the unrest in schools how can you possible ensure that your child is safe when they are outside of your care
17. Conflicts with teachers/administration
18. No homework = less frustration and more evenings free for family time
19. Helping a child regain their confidence
20. You can grow and learn together with your child
21. To give their child a space where their learning is based on them and not a national average
22. Freedom to cultivate natural learning opportunities
23. Create an atmosphere that is positive, personal, and safe
24. Children are taught to  take ownership of their own learning
25. Building self-motivation and independence
26. Better exam results making College prep a whole lot easier
27. Building empathy and respect (working with a variety of ages)
28. Healthier eating habits as
29. Kids can be “socialised” in a chosen environment with positive influences
30. Children are free to be themselves
31. Children don’t get sick as often (no more lice!)

The great thing about home-schooling your child is that there are very limited cut off dates, which means it is not too late to school your child this year! Leave a comment below with your details and we will get back to you! Alternatively, you can drop us an email; info@clonard.co.za

Happy Home-schooling!


  1. Hi there.
    We have 3 children and are seriously considering homeschooling.
    Please can you tell me if I could still start them this year, and then whatbthe cost would be.
    We have a Grade 6, a Grade 3 and a Grade 1
    Many thanks for your help,

  2. Hi there…

    I have a 11year in grade 6,i am seriously considering home schooling her, can I enroll her now? Or is it late?

  3. Hello

    Are you guys doing IEB or caps
    Do the children have to come to a learning center.. For tuition or is it entirely homeschooling at home

    Hope these questions make sense

    Kind regards

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