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One of the questions that parents considering homeschooling often ask is: what about exams? The Department of Education requires learners to be formally assessed and should parents decide not to do this then they could have a problem enrolling their children back into mainstream schools.

If parents choose to create their own eclectic curriculum at home using a variety of books purchased from shops as well as their own areas of study then the issue of exams may be stressful for parents. The DoE states that learners must be formally assessed at least at the end of every phase. This means that parents need to approach their local school and request that their child is assessed by the school at least at the end of grade 3, 6 and 9 (the end of each phase). This is not necessary for parents registered with Clonard, as our qualified teachers set and mark assessments and exams and formal reports are then issued.

Clonard exams are written at home under the watchful eye of parents and there is no need for children be assessed by their local school. This is one of the great benefits of choosing to homeschool your child using a formal curriculum provider such as Clonard. Our teachers make sure that all the necessary milestones and skills are tested at each grade to ensure that learners are adequately prepared to progress to the following grade. This gives parents piece of mind that their children are on the right track and will be able to easily return to mainstream school should they choose in the future. Writing the exams at home means that the anxiety caused by exams for so many learners is greatly reduced, which means happier children and most often better marks.