5 Benefits of Home schooling

Explore Clonard Education’s top 5 benefits of home-schooling and get all the information you need about the advantages of home-schooling.

The benefits of home-schooling your child in this modern age may already have crossed your busy mind. As a parent hours and hours of careful thought and consideration goes into where, when and how your child’s education will take place. Nowadays there are more options than just sending your child to the local area school for you to consider, one of the biggest considerations is now home-schooling and whether this is the right choice for your child or not.

  1. One-on-one attention

One of the major benefits of home-schooling your child is the one-on-one attention that he/she will receive. This really is one of the main reasons why children don’t thrive in a more traditional school environment as your child is seen as just another number at the school and so often overlooked in a classroom environment. Home-schooling allows parents or tutors to spend as much time as needed on each concept thus ensuring that your child fully grasps what is necessary before going on to the next topic. This all leads to an improvement in your child’s overall grades which in turn boosts their confidence and increases their well-being and happiness as an individual.

  1. Flexibility

Home-schooling allows a great deal of flexibility. Exams do not have to be written at strict times throughout the year and due to additional time allocations, your child no longer feels that immense pressure of getting all their work done in a short space of time. Home-schooling your child allows for a much more tailored lifestyle approach, allowing schooling to fit around religious studies, sporting commitments or even a medical condition or learning disability. Whatever the reason may be, your home-schooling provider should be able to accommodate your family’s specific needs.


  1. Safety

Keeping your child safe and out of harms way is probably one of a parent’s biggest concerns in life. Getting your child to and from school yourself isn’t always an option for parents and they are often left relying on other people, or public transport to deliver your child safely to school. Even at school and after school it is often concerning to parents that will my child be safe whilst not in my care. Home-schooling often eliminates these fears as your child now goes to school under your care and attention. Your child can now get a quality education from the comfort and safety of their home.


  1. Travel

Nowadays there are hundreds of families choosing to immigrate to another country or area, whether for work or other more personal reasons. This often causes major interruptions in a child’s schooling career which can often be eliminated with home-schooling. With the right home-school your child can get their education from almost anywhere in the world and remain completely up-to-date with the South African schooling system. Exams and assessments can often be submitted and returned via email, making the pure convenience of home-schooling your child a deciding factor for many parents.


  1. The Cost factor
    The cost of giving your child a good education is something majority of parents struggle with, with the cost of living increasing at such a drastic rate, there is nothing parents can do but consider different education providers when enrolling your child for school. Home-schooling is often a whole lot less expensive than mainstream school as you essentially become the educator, if you choose an accredited home-school, who uses qualified teachers you can often save thousands on school fees thus relieving a lot of financial pressure.


With so many benefits to home-schooling your child there’s simply no way you can not take switching your child to a reliable home-school provider into account. Clonard Distance Education has been around for over 20 years and takes your child’s future success as seriously as what you do.







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