5 fun holiday activities

  1. Have a picnic
    Get the kids to help make the snacks – little sandwiches, fruit skewers, devilled eggs and banana bites (slices of banana dipped in melted chocolate and frozen) – let your imaginations run wild.
    Put all the snacks in a basket or reusable shopping bag along with blankets and then find your spot.
    Lay out a blanket on the grass in your garden, at a park, or even just on your lounge floor.
  2. Pavement art
    Grab some chalk and hit the pavement, driveway or parking lot.
    A lovely creative activity that washes away with some water.
  3. Decorate a t-shirt
    Buy some fabric markers in fun colours and a plain white t-shirt.
    Draw, trace, colour and stencil your way to unique shirts that your kids can wear all holiday long!
  4. Build a fort
    Blankets, sheets, cardboard boxes, tables, chairs and pegs are perfect building materials for your very own indoor fort.  Drape sheets over tables and chairs; tape boxes together and cut out doors; the sky (or ceiling) is the limit in this wonderfully fun activity for kids and grown-ups alike.
  5. Theatre day
    Make your own puppets and a “stage” and put on a play.
    Learn how to make all sorts of puppets and stages here.  There are so many different kinds of puppets that if your kids enjoy this then you could turn this into a whole week of fun!

BONUS IDEA: Have a dance party!
Put on some lively music and dance around the room.  Do it with your kids and have fun!  Use your whole body to move from the tips of your fingers to the ends of your toes – this is a great activity for physical development and the movement and music will be sure to put a smile on all your faces.