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5 Positive Ways to Talk To Your Children

Life is busy, especially life with children! If it’s not preparing meals, balancing schedules, attending extra mural activities, and visits with friends, its schoolwork and everything that goes along with it. We often get caught up in the routine of life and forget to tell our children some very important things, that they really need to hear from us as parents.

What do you think?
Finding out your child’s thoughts and insights on certain things can often lead us as parents shocked at the level of wisdom coming out of such a young mind. Too often adults feel as though they are the experts and teachers, yet we can certainly learn a lot from the youth of today.

Tell me more.
Three simple words that will let your children know that they have your attention. Everyone wants to be heard, this is especially true of our children, as they are often vulnerable when telling you their stories. The more we can make our children feel heard and safe the better chance we have at building great relationships with them.

You showed such (insert positive attribute here).
Labelling a positive attribute about your child and giving credit where credit is due is beneficial for many reasons including, helping your child to see and appreciate positive characteristics, helping your child build a positive sense of self-worth and confidence. Examples of how to use the phrase would be, “You showed such determination in your soccer game today, well done!”

Would you like to play with me?
This may be a foreign concept to you as often the child is the one who asks the parent to play with them. When you invite someone to spend time with you, that action alone tells them how much you enjoy their company. Make your child feel cherished and ask them to play with you sometime.

I love you.
Last but not least, I love you. Three simple words. So easy to say, yet not said nearly enough. Remember to tell your children as often as you can just how much you love and appreciate them.

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