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5 simple games to play in the car with your children this holiday!

We tend to spend hours upon hours traveling in our cars, especially over the festive season. More times than not our children tend to be in the car with us, which can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare depending on the length of the trip. To prepare for the holiday trips ahead we have gathered a few simple games which can be played with your children whilst driving around this holiday. Whether it’s just a local trip to the store or a much longer trip to a well-deserved family holiday, we hope these games help make the journey a whole lot easier.

1. Rainbow Spotto
Go through the rainbow starting with the colour red. Players then work together to find 10 red things and so on through the colours of the rainbow. When they find the item they yell “Spotto, red robot!” etc while one player keeps count.

2. 20 Questions
Take turns to think of an object, animal or person. Players have only 20 questions to find out what it is. The answers can only be yes or no.

3. Name that song
Take turns to hum or whistle a song and players must guess what it is. For the little one’s nursery rhymes always work well.

4. General knowledge
Choose topics such as animals, names or countries. Players take turns going through the alphabet naming one of those things for each letter. E.g. if topic is animals: Antelope, Baboon, Camel, Duck, Elephant, etc. To make it harder everyone in the car must name something for each letter.

5. Eat the Alphabet
This one may make you a little hungry, but what an awesome game! Take turns listing what you would eat from A-Z, each player repeating the items listed so far and adding one of their own e.g. “I’m so hungry, I could eat a pie.” Next person, “I’m so hungry I could eat a pie and a banana.” Etc.

Travel safely this holiday season, regards The Clonard Family.

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