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5 Ways to Prevent Hard Homeschooling Days

Homeschooling isn’t always as easy as it seems like with anything in life there are good days and bad days. Through our 22 years of experience with the Homeschool curriculum we have picked up a few ways which you can make those tough days a bit easier, give it a try and let us know the outcome!

1. Has your child had enough sleep?

Getting in enough sleep is crucial to having a successful day for anyone especially a child. Lack of sleep can leave a child disengaged and their attention span lost. The pressure of doing school work on top of lacking proper sleep can often leave your child reacting in tears or anger. Remember to review how your child slept the night before and if you need to work in a nap time before starting school work then we recommend doing so as this will help to reset the day.

2. Has your child had food to eat?

Many children do not enjoy eating breakfast however it is crucial to teach your child the importance of eating breakfast. Eating in the morning sets a good tone for the day, bodily nourishment helps with clarity of thoughts and the ability to emotionally handle ourselves until the next time we’re hungry. Help set your child up for a successful day with a nutritious healthy breakfast.

3. Has your child had the chance to move about?

If your child is feeling refreshed after a great sleep, has had breakfast and feeling ready for the day, they may feel bursts of excitement and may want to move about. Allowing your child some freedom to move and do some physical exercise, even if it’s only for a few minutes, will help them when they need to sit down and engage with their lesson.

4. Does your child feel good?

Most of the time, we assume that our children feel well, but there are those occasions where they just aren’t quite themselves and something seems a bit off about them. Whether it be a tummy ache, headache or even a sore tooth, trying to teach your child when they feeling this way often leads to a non-productive homeschooling day. Remember everyone needs a day off every now and then, even your child!



5. Are you adequately prepared?

It may sound like a strange concept, but children know when you are unprepared and know just how to try and twist your arm to do something other than their school work. This is one of the major reasons we highly recommend planning your lessons and ensuring you know each day what you want to teach.

We hope these tips help on those more difficult days and wish you all he success for the year ahead!

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