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6 simple tools you can use to teach your child whilst driving in a car

As homeschooling parents your schedule often tends to be a lot more flexible and therefore you find yourself in between activities, sports clubs, play dates, schoolwork, assessments and many more! Parents in general tend to spend a lot of their time driving around with their children which we’ve identified as the perfect space to teach your children and possibly discuss something new.

Below is a list of a few educational games/ ideas to try out the next family car trip:

  1. License plates – These can be brilliant when practicing Mathematics with certain age groups. Whether you make them round up the numbers to the nearest ten or hundred or add the numbers together. This is a great way to get everyone in the car to engage and work on adding, rounding off and possibly even subtraction.
  2. Spelling bee – Get together a list of easy, medium and hard age appropriate words which you can call out in the car for each kid to spell. The one who spells the most words correctly wins. This is great for their language skills and opens a great conversation to the importance of reading and knowing how to spell properly.
  3. Shapes – From road signs to objects in and around the car – identifying and naming shapes is always fun and educational. This is a great game for children who may fall within the foundation phase (Grade R – 3).
  4. Days of the week and months of the year – Learning your days of the week and months of the year is critical and can often take a while to remember completely. The car is therefore the perfect space for learning something which requires immense repetition as you can come up with a rhyme or even a rule that no one leaves the car until everyone says the days of the week and months of the year. As long as we keep learning interactive, light-hearted and fun, the children will enjoy it.
  5. I- Spy – This has been a famous car game over the past couple of years, its probably something you grew up playing with your family. Without realizing it, I-spy can be very educational. A nice twist is to combine it with the alphabet and spy on things letter by letter. This is a great one for all ages!
  6. Story time – Story time can be so much fun and what’s great is you don’t always need a book to do a successful story time. Whoever’s turn it is to go first can start the story and you can give them a word limit of what to stick too. You then move your way around the car and build on the story. You must repeat the entire story each time, thus working on your memory and your imagination! A great educational game for the entire family.

Happy learning!

Feel free to let us know how these worked or didn’t work for you in a comment below, we absolutely love receiving feedback!

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