7 things to learn from kids

1. Lighten up

Grown-ups tend to take everything so seriously. Kids know how to laugh and make a game out of just about anything. Chill out and have fun with little things each day to boost your happiness. Rake up a pile of leaves and then jump in them and throw them around – see the fun, not the chore.

2. Try new things
Aside from new vegetables, children are pretty eager to try new things such as climbing a tree, jumping off a rock, learning to swim or ride a bike. Drive down a new road sometimes, eat something that you have never tried before, have a go at oil painting or even learn to ride that bike!

3. Notice the beauty
Kids appreciate the details in life so much more than adults. Stop to smell the flowers, appreciate a view, or enjoy the music of a busker. We don’t have to always be in such a hurry! Take time to marvel at the wonder that is a bird in flight or the awesome formation of clouds overhead.

4. It’s ok to have ice-cream for breakfast (sometimes).

5. It’s ok to ask for help
Grown-ups are hesitant to ask for help and try for a long time before finally just asking for help. Sometimes we don’t ever ask as we feel like failures for having to do so. Kids are not so silly! They know that everyone needs help and asking for it is just another opportunity to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

6. There is nothing better than splashing in puddles!

7. Make new friends
Kids are so brave when it comes to making new friends compared to adults. Some say children make friends more easily because they share things about themselves and their lives much more readily than adults and allowing oneself to be open with others makes it easier to form friendships. Kids also know that not all friends are there forever and that letting go of friendships and making new ones is nothing to be afraid of.