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8 Homeschool study habits to consider for a successful year ahead!

  1. Make weekly summaries
    I know a lot of students fear summaries as they can be time consuming and tedious to get through, but this is proven to still be one of the most effective ways to study. Doing summaries in smaller weekly chunks will enable you to better your understanding of the work and by the time exams come around you should be able to use your summaries as part of your preparation.
  2. Take breaks
    Try not to overload your study sessions. Avoid cramming a ton of work into each session, and really strive to focus on what you’re learning. It may be easier said than done, especially in the higher grades where you have a lot of assignments to complete but think of it this way: spending more time on each assignment will help you understand the material and again make it easier to get through the exams.
  3. Stick to a schedule
    Find a study schedule that works for you and stick to it. Try to keep it the same every day, and maybe even switch it up halfway through the year. We also highly recommend a dedicated study area which will help prepare your mind for learning and assist you when trying to stick to a routine.
  4. Create goals
    Before each study session, create goals. Think of what you want to achieve, and what tasks you wish to complete, before jumping right into studying. We recommend that you write down your goals, so you can look back on them and see exactly what you have accomplished. Soon you will be in a routine and you will be able to gauge how long tasks take you to complete, this again will help you prepare better for future tasks as you will have an idea on how long they will take you.
  5. Don’t procrastinate
    Try your absolute best not to procrastinate! If you find that you are having trouble focusing and are often getting distracted, turn your technology off and don’t keep it anywhere near you. If you are using a laptop or a tablet to help you study, you need to be disciplined and make sure you are using these for the right reason. We also recommend, eliminating clutter around you and try to keep your desk and learning area as neat as possible.
  6. Find your learning style
    Discover the learning style that works for you because finding the one that best suits you is crucial to truly excelling in your studies. There are 7 different learning styles namely, Visual, Aural, Physical, Logical, Social and Solitary. There are many tests you can take on the internet alternatively seeing a local counsellor or psychologist would help you to identify you learning style, making future studying a whole lot easier.
  1. Read actively
    While studying, make sure you’re reading “actively.” This means you are truly focusing on and understanding what you’re reading as you’re reading it. Reading actively may also involve taking notes, highlighting important information, asking questions, etc.
  2. Take practice tests
    Take the time to complete practice tests throughout the year.

And that is it, everyone! Those are 8 effective study habits and tips that I have learned during my academic career and found are my favourites. I hope these tips ultimately help you improve your own study habits!

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