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Improve your memory with these simple steps

With exam time fast approaching, one of the most critical things to work on is retention, understanding and memorising of as much material as possible to enable you to apply what you’ve learnt within an exam situation.

We’ve found by using these tools below you can improve your memory and experience a much smoother process when it comes to learning.

  1. Reading
    Reading is vital to becoming a successful learner, it trains your mind and helps expand your vocabulary. When it comes to learning for an exam reading through your material, making summaries and repeating this process on a continuous basis will help you when wanting to improve your memory and do well in your exams.
  2. Listening to audio tapes / books and You Tube clips around what you are learning
    By listening and then taking notes around a certain topic will also help to train your mind to remember things more clearly. You will also gain a much better understanding of the topic which you are studying – which should lead to better results in your exams.
  3. Talking out loud
    One of the best ways to see how much information you have retained on a certain topic is to teach that topic to someone else. Often when we explain something to someone it helps for that information to cement into our brains and is often something we wont soon forget.
  4. Mind mapping
    Mind Maps are crucial to having a successful schooling career. Mind maps help us to breakdown large pieces of information and present it in a much simpler format allowing our minds to easily retain this information. This works wonders when training our minds to remember large chunks of information.
  5. Put yourself to the test
    Simulating an exam session a few times before you must write the actual exam is a great way to help prepare the mind and to not cause unnecessary stress levels. Practice past papers, and questions from the text book as If you were in an exam and see just how much you can remember and what sections may still need some more work.
  6. Practice makes perfect
    Vital to improving your memory is repetition, you need to go over the same work in as many ways as possible to train the brain to not only remember the information but to remember it from different angles and in different ways. For example – listening to a topic using an audio book, then also reading the book and attending a lesson around the same topic and then teaching it to someone else.
  1. Eating properly
    Fuelling the mind with the correct ingredients is crucial when it comes to improving memory and concentration. Eating the right food at the correct intervals helps keep the mind and body well-nourished which remains a key factor to the overall health and well-being of a student.


We hope you enjoyed reading our tips and all the best for the mid-year exams, we are routing for you all.

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  1. Thanks for the app. I think I’m going to do well in the my November Examinations. This is like the BOMB ? Theres tips are so helpful. AND I THINK I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE TIPS! ???❤️☺️☺️??????????♥️???????????????????????????.

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