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What is CAPS?

The acronym stands for Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements. It is a national policy set out by the Department of Education that states what should be included in the curricula of schools for each grade in South Africa as well as how it is to be tested or assessed.

Registered schools in South Africa must adhere to this policy, both private and state schools. The implementation of CAPS meant that textbooks had to come with a detailed teacher’s guide that gave a week-by-week breakdown of what needed to be covered for each subject in each grade.

This is great for homeschoolers as it means detailed work schedules, answers and strategies for teaching each subject are included in the textbooks. The difference between private and state schools (aside from the fees) is the approach to teaching, student-teaching ratio, supplementary material created and provided to students and the way that the CAPS curriculum content is tested and examined.

At Clonard Education we include many additional worksheets, workbooks and rule books that provide extra practice for students as well as approaching topics slightly differently which helps students to better understand what they are learning. At an excellent school teachers are going above and beyond in creating worksheets and exercises for the students to do in class every day, and not simply relying on the CAPS textbooks – especially in the junior primary years. At Clonard we do the same and include extra material in your pack of educational material that goes above and beyond the CAPS curriculum. Exams test knowledge, understanding and application and not simply rote learning.

Following a CAPS based curriculum does not mean that students are limited. In fact, we believe the opposite for our students. As return to mainstream school at any time is easier because students have been doing the same syllabus. Due to the supplementary material provided and the high standard of examinations, Clonard students can move easily into mainstream school . Using a CAPS based curriculum supplemented with additional extension work means that students have all options open to them in the future.

If you have any other questions about CAPS and homeschooling contact us today.

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