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Mother Kissing Her Daughter On The Cheek

Our ethos

While a good quality education is of the utmost importance, our emphasis is on creating a caring learning environment where each child can feel safe, freely express themselves and flourish.

Our team is most happy when we know that we have helped parents to create a nurturing learning environment for their child where education is focused at their pace and their individual needs are being met. We love hearing from Clonard parents that their child’s confidence and attitude towards school work has improved and that getting up in the morning for school is not such a struggle anymore.

It brings us great joy to hear that we have made a difference in children’s lives by helping their parents to educate them at home.

Providing a high quality homeschooling curriculum to parents and being there for them every step of the way means that we can help children to be happier and to do better.

Our story

We are so much more than just a box of books!

Clonard has been providing educational material to parents and teachers for over 20 years.

Clonard was founded by Virginia Tyrrell, a passionate educator with a love for children. After years teaching in South Africa and the UK, she wrote a set of phonetic readers. These readers are still a valuable resource in our curriculum today. The demand for good quality educational material grew and soon Virginia’s husband, Mike, joined her and the Clonard brand was born. When homeschooling became legal in 1996 Clonard began offering parents a comprehensive homeschooling solution.

Clonard is now a bigger team, but we still maintain the care and personal touch which Mike and Virginia were so passionate about. Clonard is managed by their daughter, Heather Makepeace, with the help of a team of caring individuals genuinely committed to Clonard’s values.

Father Sitting Doing Homeschool Work With His Daughter

Our values


We pride ourselves on
consistently providing expert
knowledge and excellent service.


Serious consideration is given to
your unique circumstances and
we have a genuine concern for
your child’s education.


Everything, from our books to
our support and customer service,
reflects our superior standards.

Our purpose

To nurture a caring learning environment enabling your child to reach their potential.

Our office team

Heather Tyrrell

Company Director

Nicola Martins

Head of Academics

Grade RRR - Grade 7

Grade 8 - 9

Brenda Gourlie

Production Manager

Assessments Manager


Our academic team

Our academic staff comprise of highly qualified and experienced teachers for each subject.
The names and contact details of the teachers are provided to parents and tutors.