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Everyone should be taught accountability and responsibility for their actions from a young age.
This will prepare them for the adult world where they will have to make their own decisions and accept the consequences of those decisions.

As young children they need to learn this principle – if they want a pet, they are responsible for feeding and taking care of that pet. Their accountability is to make sure their pet is fed, and its housing is kept clean, otherwise it will get sick and could die.

My children were taught to pack their own bags if they went out for the day (responsibility), if they forgot anything they were accountable for getting cold, not having a swimsuit, or their refreshment bottle. I was horrified by this at first, but slowly realised that they were being taught accountability. They have grown up to be beautiful, well rounded children, and better off for suffering along the way. At least now that they are older, they make sure they are prepared for anything. They have also been taught that they have to work towards their goals, and when achieving them, they do not always get rewarded with anything other than praise.

As parents, we are responsible for our children to grow up into well grounded, caring, educated adults who can take care of themselves, their environment and those around them.
In school, it is the teachers’ responsibility to prepare her lesson and teach. If she does not do this, she will then be accountable for her pupils’ failure. At the same time it is the pupils’ responsibility to learn what has been taught. They are then accountable for the marks they get on their reports. The same can be said if they are caught cheating, or have assignments and projects to do, if they cannot learn their work (responsible), and then cheat, they are accountable if they get caught and fail.

The list goes on and on: company owners are responsible for profit and losses. They would be accountable to banks, etc for any debt, and their staff who would now be without jobs.

Doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, accountants, government officials, and even streetsweepers, have responsibilities and are held accountable for their actions, or failures thereof.

In fact we are all responsible for something, whether big or small, and are then held accountable for our actions.