The Benefits Of Homeschooling

Benefits of homeschooling

One-on-one attention
One of the major benefits of homeschooling is the one-on-one attention that the student receives. This can make all the difference for students that just seem to be falling through the cracks at a mainstream school. A homeschooling environment allows parents or tutors to spend as much as is needed on each concept and skill thus ensuring that the student fully grasps what is necessary before progressing to the next lesson. This means that marks can improve and in turn creates a boost in confidence which leads to a further improvement in marks.

Homeschooling through Clonard allows a great deal of flexibility. Exams do not have to be written at strict times during the year. This allows the child extra time to complete the work before writing the exams. Sometimes school work needs to fit around religious studies, sporting commitments or a medical condition. Learning
difficulties may necessitate the need for a bit of extra time to complete the syllabus each year. Whatever the reason may be, Clonard will be able to accommodate your family’s specific needs.

Safe and nurturing environment
In this age of technology our children are exposed to many unsuitable influences at a very early age. Many families from many different backgrounds and cultures choose to homeschool their children to protect them from this. At Clonard we believe religion is something that should be taught at home, so there is no religious content in
the Clonard curriculum. Another issue our children are faced with all too often at school these days is bullying. This is not only damaging to the child’s emotional well-being, but it can greatly negatively impact upon the child’s school work as well. A homeschooling environment can provide a safe haven for learning.

Often families who are relocating to other countries for work may choose to homeschool their children whilst they are out of the country in order to ensure that they remain up to date with the education of South African schools. Families that are out of the country will have their exams/assessments emailed to them by Clonard and will return them via email. The flexibility of homeschooling your children with Cloanrd also means that you are able to travel around the world and go on holidays at any time of the year.