Pros and cons of homeschooling

Often when making a decision it is a good idea to make a pros and cons list. When making the important decision of whether or not to homeschool most parents want to get as much information as possible before deciding. We have put together a pros and cons list for homeschooling. We have based this […]


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self-confidence begins at home

Self-confidence and homeschooling

Boosting and building your child’s self-confidence is an important aspect of being a parent.  It becomes even more important when homeschooling. When children misbehave in class, give up or don’t seem to be trying at school this can signal a problem. These behaviours are often used to hide feelings of vulnerability.  Teachers often punish these […]

law books on desk

Homeschooling: is it legal?

Yes, in South Africa homeschooling is legal. It has been legal since 1996.  The Department of Education (DoE) is currently formalising the “rules” regarding how parents are to educate their children at home. To read more about that check out our blog post about the proposed BELA Bill. Clonard Education makes sure that you can […]

open book on grass with daisies growing in foreground

BELA Bill – what does it mean for homeschoolers?

By now you must have heard about the BELA Bill. You have probably also read scary articles about how it will impact homeschooling families.  If you are a Clonard homeschooling family then you have nothing to worry about. The draft Bill deals mostly with the regulation of mainstream schools in South Africa (both public and […]


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