Communication on COVID-19

Dear Parents, Tutors and Learners   We hope you are all keeping well during this turbulent time which is impacting us all.   COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, appears to have gained a foothold in South Africa, and the government has declared a national state of disaster. As part of this, several measures have been implemented […]


2020 in motion

A fond and friendly greeting to you all, and I hope 2020 brings you nothing but success! It’s been an extremely busy start to the year, and amazingly we’ve already hit March and there is no sign of the academic year slowing down.   Kicking things off early in the year, March is a critical […]


6 reasons why a Career in Tourism is so sought after..

Do you love travel and are you committed to ensuring that other travellers have a memorable experience? Then a career in Tourism could definitely be for you! There are hundreds of reasons why a career in Tourism is so sought after, however, we have identified 6 reasons why many people choose this incredible career path. […]

Girl studying

Improve your memory with these simple steps

With exam time fast approaching, one of the most critical things to work on is retention, understanding and memorising of as much material as possible to enable you to apply what you’ve learnt within an exam situation. We’ve found by using these tools below you can improve your memory and experience a much smoother process […]

Test on blackboard

Cheating… why it’s never a good idea

With exam time around the corner things can get rather stressful as a student and even as a parent of someone writing an exam! You need to get good marks to pass the year, get into University, get the job you want, impress your friends ect. All whilst this is going on you have a […]

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