The Benefits Of Homeschooling

Benefits of homeschooling

One-on-one attention One of the major benefits of homeschooling is the one-on-one attention that the student receives. This can make all the difference for students that just seem to be falling through the cracks at a mainstream school. A homeschooling environment allows parents or tutors to spend as much as is needed on each concept […]


Homeschooling abroad

Many South African families are moving out of the country temporarily for work opportunities. Sometimes this is for just a few months and other times for a few years, before returning home to South Africa. Whilst living abroad one of the biggest decisions that parents need to make is how to educate their children. Enrolment […]


8 tips for organising your kid’s room

1. Involve them in the process Children as young as three are eager to be involved and help you with the task. It may seem like letting them help will just slow you down, but it is important to get their input if you want them to be involved in keeping it tidy. If they […]

Homeschool Workbook

Homeschooling and exams

One of the questions that parents considering homeschooling often ask is: what about exams? The Department of Education requires learners to be formally assessed and should parents decide not to do this then they could have a problem enrolling their children back into mainstream schools. If parents choose to create their own eclectic curriculum at […]


7 things to learn from kids

1. Lighten up Grown-ups tend to take everything so seriously. Kids know how to laugh and make a game out of just about anything. Chill out and have fun with little things each day to boost your happiness. Rake up a pile of leaves and then jump in them and throw them around – see […]


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