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Accountability and Responsibility

Everyone should be taught accountability and responsibility for their actions from a young age. This will prepare them for the adult world where they will have to make their own decisions and accept the consequences of those decisions. As young children they need to learn this principle – if they want a pet, they are […]

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Career guidance for kids

How young is too young to start thinking about your child’s career? During most of the school years both you and your child are probably more concerned about grades, friends, sport and other interests. Career exploration is also an important part of your child’s development and it benefits them to be aware of a multitude […]


Global view of homeschooling

Homeschooling is legal in many countries around the world. It is interesting to see that some of the most prevalent homeschooling countries include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, India and USA. Some countries have highly regulated homeschooling systems that are an extension of the school system.  Yet in other countries like Germany, Brazil and Turkey, […]

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Choosing the right Tutor Centre

Homeschooling  is based on the principles of honesty and integrity as there is a lot of flexibility and trust that the happens around how exams and assessments are conducted up to the level of grade 10 – in the FET phase things become a lot more serious and rigid.  Unfortunately this system can be open […]


Comparing Kids

Comparison is a common approach that parents adopt to ascertain the performance of their children. Parents always want to know if their child’s academic or sporting achievements are ‘normal’, better or excellent versus those of their peers, family and friends.  Parents will give examples of other children or siblings accomplishments as a way to motivate […]

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