Learning elements

Learning Styles

Every student learns differently and each has a distinct preferred learning style that refers to the way in which they absorb, process, comprehend and retain information. For example, when assembling a model car, some students understand the process best by following verbal instructions, others may need to read through the instructions, while some have to […]

study time

Tips for Preparing for Exams

As much as we all dislike them, exams are an important indicator of how well you understand the subject material that you have learnt – this is your own personal journey.  Get your mind right for those exams, reduce your stress and anxiety and increase your self-belief. Take a look at these tips leading up […]



Eric Anderman, professor of education psychology at Ohio University, has studied cheating for decades and states that 85 percent of students admit to cheating. This number is probably higher as many won’t admit it. Cheating is a problem at mainstream schools along with drugs, bullying and violence and also a reality in home-schooling with students, […]

classroom hut in Madagascar

Homeschooling in remote regions

Lynette is a homeschooler using the Clonard curriculum in Madagascar since 2014.  This is her very interesting story: “My husband (Dries) and I moved to Madagascar in 1999.  We came to Madagascar as missionaries and the education of children in general has always been very close to our hearts.  We moved to the island of […]

family boardgames

Homeschooling Fun

Ditch the curriculum for a while, get creative and make learning fun.  With homeschooling you can!  Homeschoolers are not confined to the classroom and not restricted by the school bell, sometimes it’s good to break the routine and have a little fun.  The kids will love you for it! Here are just a few of […]


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