Cambridge Homeschooling

Cambridge Homeschooling

Cambridge homeschooling curriculum gives your child the nurturing environment that they need as they find their place in the world.

As life and school work get more challenging, we offer a greater level of support in these grades, while still meeting all the necessary educational requirements of South Africa. Children continue to thrive when they feel safe and accepted in their environment.

Clonard offers Cambridge programmes that are internationally recognised and respected.

How it works


English (first language)
Afrikaans (second Language)
Maths (extended)
Business Studies

6 subjects are chosen

Course details

The Clonard Cambridge courses ensure that learners have all the tools at their disposal to be able to properly understand their work and apply their knowledge in internal assessments. This prepares learners so that they can confidently write their final external exams and receive their world-renowned Cambridge qualification.

Our study packs contain the textbooks for each chosen subject as well as the necessary answer guides. Work schedules are included that should be followed diligently.

Assignments and internal exams are set and marked by our carefully chosen, qualified and experienced teachers and then sent back to learners with detailed comments. After each assignment, feedback sessions are scheduled via Skype group chat to address any areas of difficulty and answer student questions in real time.


Payment details

A payment plan option is available subject to approval: 30% deposit; balance over 6 months via debit.

Study packs


Per Subject (required) R 6150
R 440

AS Level

Per subject
R 6250
R 440

Extra Resources

Atlas & Dictionary

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