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Cheating… why it’s never a good idea

With exam time around the corner things can get rather stressful as a student and even as a parent of someone writing an exam! You need to get good marks to pass the year, get into University, get the job you want, impress your friends ect.

All whilst this is going on you have a lot of work to get into your head in a very short space of time and often everything feels like it’s just getting too much. It’s times like these where we start to feel hopeless and that cheating may be the only option we have left.

This however is not true and what we sometimes don’t realise is just how seriously cheating is taken at a school and even a University and career level. This can often be the very thing that destroys your future and has very serious repercussions that follow you throughout your life.

Clonard takes cheating very seriously and therefore hire only qualified teachers who set, mark and moderate all our examinations. Majority of our teachers have been in the industry for over 20 years and are trained to pick up cheating and plagiarism, specifically in the distance learning space. There is a very strict policy when it comes to cheating, you will get zero for your exam and are more than likely to fail the entire year.

It just simply is not worth it, Dr Mooney explained in a recent article that “Every year, without fail, we hear about scores of matriculants whose results are held back, who face criminal charges, who are banned from writing NSC exams for years, and who spend ages in court as a result of cheating.”

Cheating goes beyond just a few crib notes and while you feel it may be the only option you have, it isn’t and considering the horrific consequences, it definitely is not worth it.

Cheating is a choice, it is not something forced upon you, you need to decide as a student if throwing everything you’ve worked so hard for away, is worth the extra few percent you may get on the paper due to cheating. It’s better to fail with honesty than to pass by cheating and although failing may feel like the end of the world it’s definitely not.

Study hard, do your exercises and ask for help when needed. What you put in is what you will get out at the end of the day. Every student has the ability to succeed and we wish you all the very best for every test, exam, assignment you may encounter throughout your life.

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