Eric Anderman, professor of education psychology at Ohio University, has studied cheating for decades and states that 85 percent of students admit to cheating. This number is probably higher as many won’t admit it.

Cheating is a problem at mainstream schools along with drugs, bullying and violence and also a reality in home-schooling with students, tutors and parents.  It is often not rocket science for our experienced Clonard team to pick up when cheating is taking place.  At Clonard we issue mid and year end exams that are returned to us for marking by our team of qualified teachers and we do the reporting as an independent party. This is an important measure of learner progress and also so that students can return to mainstream schooling at a later date if they want, or to further their education.

In an ideal world we aim to instil an enjoyment for learning where the emphasis is on the information absorbed and understood rather than being learnt parrot fashion just to pass tests.

In many respects, it may be easier for students to cheat in home schooling as there may be so many more opportunities to do so, but it’s not easy to get away with it as your parents are often your teachers – they know what you know and they know if you have cheated.  Parents that cheat are the biggest danger as they are teaching their children that this is acceptable practice for life.  Unscrupulous Tutors may be the most tempted to cheat as they may be more focused on the short term objective of showing positive results to justify their part of the process and their income.

At the end of the day the temptation to be dishonest is just as strong at home as it is in any other learning environment. Any student, parent or tutor can tempted. Whether or not they give in to the temptation depends on their own character and their training.

Common reasons for cheating:

–           The student or parent values grades more than learning;

–           The student or parent is afraid of failure;

–           Either student or parent is simply lazy;

–           Students or parents may not have sufficient accountability;

–           They do not value honesty;

At the end of the day you are only cheating yourself or your child and sacrificing a long term benefit and accomplishment for a very short term win.  Education works best with a good value system and is as Nelson Mandela so aptly said “the most important weapon that you can use to change the world”.  We encourage all our students and parents to embrace the journey and the gift of education to the best of their ability.

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