Homeschooling abroad

Many South African families are moving out of the country temporarily for work opportunities. Sometimes this is for just a few months and other times for a few years, before returning home to South Africa. Whilst living abroad one of the biggest decisions that parents need to make is how to educate their children.

Enrolment into local schools is not always possible as there are often language barriers to consider, no available school in the area or foreign students are not permitted access. International schools are very expensive and this is not an option for most families living abroad. Homeschooling is often the best choice, as it is cost effective and maintains the child’s South Africa curriculum education which adds consistency and allows children to easily return to schools in South Africa upon their return.

Clonard provides support to families living out of the country as our teachers and admin staff are available to assist parents via email and telephone no matter where in the world you are living. We will also email the exams and assessments to you and you may email them back to us for marking, thus avoiding any delays and issues with international postage. There is, however, an additional postage fee to send parcels of books out of the country so it is advised that parents receive their packs before relocating or upon return trips in the holidays.

If your family is considering relocating out of South Africa temporarily, for a few months or even many years, then an excellent option for your children’s education is homeschooling.