About our curriculum

1. What grades does Clonard offer?
We offer the full curriculum in line with CAPS, including exams and assessments, from grade R-10.  Thereafter we offer support for Cambridge IGCSE (grade 10 and 11 equivalent) and Cambridge AS level (grade 12/matric equivalent) including textbooks, assessments and trial exams.  We will also be offering Cambridge A level (post-matric equivalent) in the near future.

2.Does Clonard go to matric?
Clonard will prepare your child to write the international Cambridge exams . The Cambridge AS level qualification is equivalent to a South African matric, but of a much higher standard. With an uncertain environment in South Africa we recommend an international qualification to secure your child’s future.

3. What languages are provided in the curriculum?
English is the medium of instruction and it is studied at first language level.  Afrikaans and isiZulu are offered as second language options from grade 1 to grade 10. Our Cambridge programmes offer Afrikaans as the second language option. Please note that all other subjects are studied in English. If you would like to do any additional second languages or substitute our options then please contact us to discuss your options.

4. Is Clonard a self-study curriculum?
Grade R-10:
No, it is not self-study.  It is a parent/tutor directed curriculum in grade R-9.  The parent takes the role of a teacher and offers support and guidance while giving the child the space to work out problems on their own.
IGCSE and AS level:
No, at this level the work is challenging and the students still require the assistance of a tutor/parent. While children are encouraged to be independent and self-motivated they may still need help explaining difficult concepts and to monitor their progress along the way.

5. Is home schooling suitable for a remedial child?
We do not currently offer a specific remedial option, but we are hoping to be able to do so soon. Sometimes, however, all remedial children need is a bit of extra attention and some time with a remedial professional.  Remedial children need a very specific hands-on approach from a trained remedial teacher in a one-on-one relationship; so please note that you will need to seek assistance from a professional. Our curriculum is flexible in that learners can take as long as they need to complete each grade and assessments/exams are written when you are ready – this is often enough to help learners with remedial needs.

6. Is the Clonard curriculum suitable for families living out of the country?
Yes, you can be any in the world and educate your child using the Clonard curriculum.  Unfortunately, we cannot send your pack out of the country so we will need a South African address to send your pack to.  Exam papers, posted twice a year, are written at home and returned for marking – we will send these to you via email instead of the post if you are out of the country.

7. Does Clonard provide reports?
Yes, we provide reports reflecting subject marks and aggregates just as in mainstream schools.  We make sure that we stay up-to-date with the pass requirements set out by the DoE.  Our reports provide an accurate record of your child’s education and can be used to enrol at mainstream schools should you so wish.

8. Are there formal exams/assessments?
Yes, exams/assessments are written twice a year for the older grades and once a year for the foundation phase.  We send these to you to be written under exam conditions at home and you send them back to us to be marked by our qualified teachers.  Continuous assessment tasks are also performed throughout the year forming a continuous assessments portfolio, which is in line with the requirements from the DoE as well as providing a record of progress should it be required by an educational institution.