About the parent’s role in homeschooling

1. Do I need to be a qualified teacher to teach my child?
No, you do not need to be a qualified teacher.  Our curriculum is fully structured and set out for parents to easily follow, and we provide full support throughout the year, thus making it possible for anyone to educate their own children.  It is legal for parents to homeschool their children in South Africa.

2. Do homeschooled children need to do homework?
This decision needs to be made by the parents.  Many parents feel it is a good habit to develop in case the children go back to mainstream school.  Many other parents feel that all work should be completed in the school day and the evenings should be left for family time and recreation. You can read our blog post about the negative effects of too much homework here.

3. What assistance does Clonard provide for parents?
Clonard employs qualified teachers with wide experience in schools.  Every Teacher’s Pack contains a  Teacher’s Manual, and a free Parent’s Guide can be downloaded from here at no cost, covering many topics that are relevant to homeschooling parents.  Weekly schedules as well as teaching instructions assist parents in keeping track of their task.  Answer manuals (including explanations and calculations) for every text book are also provided.  In addition, there is a helpline to every subject teacher available throughout the year.  Assessments and exams are set and marked by our teachers, and we send out a report after each set of exams. Our friendly and caring office staff are also available via telephone or email throughout the year to assist you with any queries that you may have along the way.