About ordering

1. Can parents view the material before purchasing?
Yes, material can be viewed at our premises in Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal.  Please call us to make an appointment (031 764 6480). You can also ask us to send you pictures of the packs and samples of the insides of books via email if you are unable to come into our offices.

2. Does the curriculum come with all the educational material that I will need?
It is encouraged that you order all the components for each grade to ensure that you receive everything you need for the year.

The comprehensive pack includes the Learner Pack, Reader Pack (Foundation Phase only), Teacher Pack (except Pre-School and Grade R) and Stationery Pack.

3. Is it possible to pass material down to younger siblings in the family?
Yes, the Reading and Teacher Packs can be passed down, but parents are called upon to register each child with us by purchasing the Learner Pack – this ensures that material is up-to-date and includes exams, assessments and reports.

4. Can material for individual subjects be purchased?
Our Reading Book Packs and our excellent language reference books can be purchased individually. Take a look at our product offering here.

5. Do I need to be in South Africa to educate my child through Clonard?
No, you can be anywhere in the world.  We will communicate with you via email and your exams will be sent electronically instead of in the post.  You will, however, need to provide us with a South African address to send your books to.