About the yearly structure and timetable

1. Is it important to start the curriculum at the beginning of the school year?
Yes, we do recommend that families try to stick to the same school yearly timetable as mainstream schools as it makes it easier to return to mainstream if you choose and to align your school holidays. The curriculum can be ordered at any time of the year, however, so if you would like to follow the northern hemisphere yearly timetable, or one of your own creation, that is allowed. New registrations do close by September each year.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  The child begins at week 1 and works steadily week by week until mid-year exams are written; work then continues until year-end exams are written.  Students from grade 4-10 may also join us at the start of the third term and will not be required to write our mid-year exams if they have a second term report from school; then they must write their year-end exams before the end of December.

2. May we take a break or a holiday at any time in the year?
Yes, it is.  We have several young sports stars on the curriculum and this suits them very well, as they work when they are at home and take a break when they are out of the country.  Sometimes it takes them more than a year to complete a grade, and this is acceptable.  Parents can take their children on holiday at any time of the year as long as they continue from where they left off.  It is also possible to take your work with you and continue to complete your child’s education whilst travelling.

3. May we skip grades or do two grades at once?
We do not recommend this.  Each year builds upon the previous one, and missing one year’s curriculum negatively impacts upon your child’s future.  If the curriculum is not challenging enough for your gifted child then it is better to supplement their extra time with additional work rather than skipping whole grades.

4. Must I complete a grade in a year?
We recommend that you try to stick to the mainstream school yearly timetable as far as possible. The curriculum is structured to be completed within the year but in special circumstances you may take up to 18 months to complete the course.