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Does your home become a war zone at exam time?  Is your child studying or simply wasting time? Here is some advice that we hope you find helpful as exam time can be very stressful for the whole family.

Referring back to a recent blog we did, the very first thing to consider is your child’s preferred learning style.  Is your child an auditory learner who soaks up what is taught in lessons and may therefore not need as much study time, or perhaps your child is a kinaesthetic learner and therefore trying to chain them to the desk to study will be a lost cause as they need to move to learn.  You need to gain insight into how your child learns best – there are free online assessments available to assist and guide you.

The role of parents

Firstly, parents need to build a solid foundation of unconditional love and respect where you exercise patience, tolerance, guidance and nurturing.  (Sometimes easier said than done, but that is what we are aiming for).

Parents need to know what is going on behind closed doors when the child is studying.  You need to be involved in a non-threatening way so your child knows you are interested and that you are available if they need help.

Set the scene for effective study.  Where is the best place for them to study; what tools do they need; what are the best times and how to test what has been learnt.

Teach them organizational and study skills like how to plan and draw up a schedule, make notes and construct mindmaps.

Find old exams or practice exams. It is sometimes challenging finding free resources online. is a good paid option for revision worksheets that you can do on- and off-line on specific topics for each subject, by grade.  We have listed some other options for our parents available under ‘Homework’ on the D6 Communicator that you can have a look at.  There are many very helpful YouTube videos on every available topic that are good to watch for just a few minutes to put the subject that you are studying into perspective and gives you a bit of a break from the ‘books’.

Let us know if you have any pearls of wisdom to share, we would love to hear from you.

Happy studying!