FET Grade 10-12

FET Phase

Homeschooling your child in these adolescent years allows you to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment away from the pressures of peers. As the work becomes more challenging in this phase of education, it is so important for your child to receive the valuable one-on-one attention that homeschooling provides.

This FET phase option ensures that students of all abilities can succeed and thrive in their final few years of high school education.

Our established excellent standards are maintained in our CAPS grade 10 to 12 curriculum.

How it works

Grade 10-12 step 1
Grade 10-12 step 2
Grade 10-12 step 5
Grade 10-12 step 6
Grade 10-12 step 7



English (first language)
Afrikaans (second language)
Maths or Maths Literacy 
Life Orientation

Choose 3:

Business Studies
Physical Science
Life Science


Ordering details

Order the complete set for each grade including Learner Pack, Teacher Pack and Stationery Pack  to receive everything you will need to successfully teach your child at home for the year.

We also offer telephonic support and direct access to our qualified teachers.

Learner Pack: up to 12 individual textbooks; workbooks; worksheet packs; reference books.

Teacher Pack: Teacher’s Manual;  answer guides; additional teaching resources;
access to our qualified teachers for assistance.

Stationery Pack: all stationery required to complete the curriculum.

Clonard is accredited with SACAI for the FET phase, allowing our Grade 12 students to write the same NSC (National Senior Certificate), as the rest of the country, at the end of their Grade 12 year.



Pack details

Please note pricing is subject to change without notice.
Please note external SACAI Exam fees are not included in the below curriculum prices and you can expect to pay an additional R2400 – R2900, depending on the subjects you choose.

Grade 10 Packs

Grade 10 Learner Pack - Full
R15 850
G10T-Full Pack
R 2650
Clonard Homeschooling Stationery Pack
R 800

Grade 11  Packs

G11L-Learner Pack
R20 100
G11T-Teacher Pack
R 3750
Clonard Homeschooling Stationery Pack
R 800

Grade 12  Packs

G12L-Learner Pack
R21 200
G12T-Teacher Pack
R 4480
Clonard Homeschooling Stationery Pack
R 800

Extra Resources

Atlas & Dictionary

FET Phase English Poetry Guides

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