Homeschooled Grade 4 - 6 Young Girl And Boy

Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 - 6)

Give your child the chance to blossom as they celebrate their individuality.

Parents and tutors find these grades very rewarding when completed with homeschooling. The benefits of providing the opportunity for a child to work at their own pace and learn in their own style cannot be under-estimated.

The Clonard curriculum follows the CAPS document and meets all the requirements of the South African school system.

Exams are set and marked by our hand-picked Clonard educators. Reports are issued at mid-year and year end and include marks and teachers comments. Record cards are accepted at mainstream schools should your child choose to return.

How it works

Printed Curriculum

Online Curriculum

Printable PDF Curriculum


(first language)

(second Language)
Please note: isiZulu is only available for our Printed Curriculum in Grades 4 and 6.


Natural Science & Technology

Social Science
(Geography & History)

Life Orientation

What’s Included


Curriculum & Exams:

  • Clonard learner guides, worksheets and workbooks.
  • Parent/ tutor support material, answer guides and Teachers Manual with weekly work
  • Mid-Year and Year-End exams set and marked by qualified Clonard teachers.
  • Report Card with teacher comments.
  • Teacher support by email or phone.

Textbooks – Required textbooks are sold separately to the curriculum and can be purchased on our online store.


Stationery Pack: all stationery required to complete the curriculum.​

Continuous Assessments Package
Monitor your child’s progress and build their learning portfolio

What’s included:

  • English - 2 x Creative Writing assignments p/year
  • Afrikaans / isiZulu – 2 x Creative Writing assignments p/year
  • Maths – 2 x tests p/year covering mechanical maths and problem solving skills.

All assessments are set and marked by Clonards qualified teachers to give you an objective of your child’s progress.

The Continuous Assessment Package is offered in addition to Mid Year and Year End Exams. Marks will count towards your child’s  final mark.

*This package is only sold at certain times throughout the year.

Curriculum & readers available in:

Printed Format
Materials supplied in printed and bound book format

Online Format
All material will be made available on the Learner Management System.
Please note: isiZulu is supplied in printed format for all grades 4-9 (online not available)

Printable PDF Format
Materials supplied in printable PDF format

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