Foundation Phase (Grade R – 3)

Give your child the best foundation possible to enable them to reach their potential.

The Foundation Phase is a vital stage in a child’s education. Focusing predominantly on literacy, numeracy and life skills the confidence the children derive in mastering these concepts is a joy to see.

The curriculum follows the CAPS document and meets all the requirements of the South African school system.

How it works

Printed Curriculum

Printable PDF Curriculum


(English reading and writing)


Non assessment subjects:

  • Life Skills
  • Afrikaans / isiZulu
    (First Additional Language)

What’s Included


Curriculum & Assessments: +/- 25  colourful workbooks; worksheet packs and additional support  material covering all the requirements of Literacy , Handwriting , Numeracy and Life Skills.

Continuous assessments are completed throughout the year. Formal assessments are completed at the end of the year and are set and marked by our hand picked Clonard educators. Reports including comments and marks are accepted at mainstream schools should your child choose to return.

Textbooks: Required textbooks are sold separately to the curriculum and can be purchased on our online store. There are no additional textbooks required for Gr R.

Reader Pack: up to 30 graded phonetic readers - all the reading books that you will need to ensure that your child masters reading for the grade level and beyond.


Stationery Pack: all stationery required to complete the curriculum.

Educational Toy Box: extra resources and accessories to add to your homeschooling experience, which includes: Teddy Laces, Tangram, Large Beads and Laces, Playdough, Hand puppets, Build-a-word, Large Dice.

Curriculum & readers available in:

Printed Format
Materials supplied in printed and bound book format

Printable PDF Format
Materials supplied in printable PDF format.

*Support guides are not printable.

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