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Homeschool Classroom Philosophy

One of the many reasons parents decide to homeschool is to give their kids a more detailed and diverse education than they could get in a typical school system.  Here are some ideas and ways to create a supportive learning environment – classroom – for your student/s:

Clean Space

A cluttered space means a cluttered mind as there are too many distractions around.  Ideally you want to create a dedicated space in your home to serve as your classroom.  There are so many examples on Pinterest of cost effective and interesting ways to set up your classroom and ideas to store all your materials and books…we love this idea of using a shoe organizer to keep all your stationery organized and close at hand.

No tech within reach of the chair

Gadgets and phones can be a huge distraction, unless they are required to work with one of these tools for a project or to do research


Having a few different places where your student can work creates choice and changing environments can enhance learning.  You see this in New Zealand public schools where students can choose where they prefer to sit each day – high chairs, kneeling stations, bean bags or even go to quiet ‘pod’ areas where they can work on their own.

Work vs Chill

Whatever the age, it is great to be able to escape for a little distraction.  We love the idea of having one of these small trampolines in your work zone.  Movement actually improves learning in the classroom – kids can practice their times tables while jumping on the trampoline as an example.  Another idea is to create a comfy reading zone with bean bags – a good break from sitting in the chair.  Allowing the brain short breaks to process what has been learned allows it to work more efficiently and start storing info in the long term memory.

Inspiring Décor

Aim to create a homeschool classroom that reflects a diversity of learning methods and materials appropriate to the age of the students being taught in that space.  Simple strategies that can be implemented easily and that require no fancy equipment or a huge cost or area can make a huge impact on the quality of work and the overall enjoyment of learning.  The best students are happy students, not smart ones!

School in session

To make the distinction between home and school, it’s great to provide an informal ‘uniform’ (not your PJ’s) and have some useful branded school items to make this distinction in your place of work and learning.  At Clonard we offer a Classroom Pack that is available to purchase along with your materials from R398 that includes handy classroom items such as a chair bag and magnetic activity planners to help you plan your week and keep your materials organized:

In addition to this, for your convenience we also offer a Stationery Pack that is customized per grade to contain all the stationery that you will need for the year – prices start from R252 for the foundation phase.  Visiting the stationery shop is always one of those trips that ends up costing you a whole lot more than you bargained for (especially if the kids are with you), as you end up purchasing so many ‘nice to have’ items, so purchasing your stationery from Clonard is guaranteed to save you money and time with the convenience of having all your stationery delivered to your door.

Let us know if you have any useful classroom ideas to share or please send us a pic of your home classroom on  We would love to hear from you!

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