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Homeschool Physical Education – 9 fun ideas to incorporate within your curriculum

Homeschool parents often focus all their attention on traditional academics although these are extremely important, a homeschool education should always be well balanced with physical education too. We’ve put together a few ideas on activities you can try with your children at home, don’t forget to always stretch and warm up first, then tackle one of these great ways to get in your daily homeschool physical education requirements.

  1. Turn on the music and dance for 30 minutes, another fun suggestion is whilst everyone is dancing stop the music, if you move you’re out! The kids will absolutely love this. Homeschool physical education has never been so fun!
  2. Skipping ropes are always a great form of exercise we just suggest that you take this one outside!
  3. Go for a nature hike or bike ride.  Find new places around your neighbourhood to explore, there are a few subjects that can also be incorporated into this such as, Natural Science, Geography and sometimes even Tourism!
  4. Go swimming at the local community pool or if you have a pool at your house this is a great way to get the kids moving, in a fun and interactive way!
  5. Hula Hoop!! Who doesn’t love a good hula hoop session – being cost effective also makes this a fun activity for any child. There are multiple sizes so the rest of the family can get involved too
  6. Play hopscotch.  All you need is some chalk and a flat outside surface you can write on.
  7. Play Frisbee in a big open field, great way to also work your hand – eye co-ordination.
  8. Go bowling, in the week at your local bowling alley/ mall arcade there are often specials which you can take advantage of.
  9. Learn how to play a sport – You Tube offers some fantastic tutorials and of course the local library will have lots of how to play whatever sports books, which you can make use of.

Whatever you choose to do for your homeschool physical education, remember to make it fun and engaging for both you and your kids! Feel free to send us pictures of you trying out any of the above, we would love to see how you’re doing!


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