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Homeschooling Fun

Ditch the curriculum for a while, get creative and make learning fun.  With homeschooling you can!  Homeschoolers are not confined to the classroom and not restricted by the school bell, sometimes it’s good to break the routine and have a little fun.  The kids will love you for it!

Here are just a few of our top tips:

  • Go off site and outdoors for a change in scenery.  Even if it is just taking lessons out to the garden on a beautiful day.  Include the practical side of material learnt in subjects  like Geography and Science – observe plants, micro ecosystems, clouds and soil types in your surroundings. Get your hands dirty and explore.  Design and fly paper aeroplanes while you are out there.
  • Have a day of board games.  There are so many educational board games available that work on maths, memory, spelling, history and geography and a host of other subjects and skills.  Have a look at this UK homeschooling mom’s blog for inspiration:
  • Sign up for some sports. Physical activity is vital for a child’s health and development – whether its just a walk or a bike ride, or more organized sporting activities and coaching sessions.  There are some good deals to be had from many places for participation during off peak times during school hours when there is no demand for their services.  Virgin Active gyms countrywide offer excellent off peak rates and we recently offered a fantastic deal on tennis lessons from Roscoes Tennis Academy who operate out of 4 locations around the Durban region.  They offer a 30% discount to our homeschoolers between the hours of 10.30 and 1.30 weekdays for lessons.  For more info on their pro tennis academy or to get in contact with them, please visit their website on
  • Work on those all important presentation and speaking skills by having a talent show, performing a play or a poetry recital.  Include music, props and dress up costumes to add to the fun.  Or how about a bit of role reversal in the classroom, let the students present and teach the teacher for a change to test their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Get in the kitchen with the kids, create a meal or do some baking.  If you are really feeling clever convert the recipe into a cryptic maths exercise to stimulate their brains  e.g. if the milk requirement on the recipe is 200ml and another ingredient is 50ml rather refer to this as one quarter of the milk volume…let the kids work the amounts out and do conversions from kgs to grams etc.  Hopefully you will end up with an edible cake!
  • Random acts of kindness.  Encourage your kids to help others in need – bake or make cards for a local nursing home or perhaps the kids could read to the elderly or the sick for some good reading practice for a good cause.

There are countless ways to inject fun to your homeschooling day and the best learning takes place when everyone is having fun.

We would love to hear from you, so please share some of your ideas with us.

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