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Homeschooling: is it legal?

Yes, in South Africa homeschooling is legal.

It has been legal since 1996.  The Department of Education (DoE) is currently formalising the “rules” regarding how parents are to educate their children at home. To read more about that check out our blog post about the proposed BELA Bill.

Clonard Education makes sure that you can adhere to all departmental requirements.

So if you plan on homeschooling your child using Clonard’s curriculum then you have nothing to worry about.  You will get attendance registers and continuous assessments, which the DoE requires.  Clonard’s qualified teachers will test the necessary skills in each grade.  All these things make sure that your homeschooling journey is legitimate in the eyes of the DoE.

It is important to note that the DoE sees homeschooling as parents teaching their own children in their own homes.

You may employ a tutor to help you on a part-time basis only. You are expected to teach your children at home yourself for the majority of teaching hours.

Clonard includes answer guides, Teacher’s Manuals, work schedules and everything else that you will need to ensure that you have all the resources you need to educate your child at home. You will also receive help from our qualified teachers as often as you need it during year. We are with you every step of the way to make sure that you can teach your own children at home.

In order to ensure that you fully comply with the Department’s requirements for homeschoolers we encourage you to register with the DoE as a homeschooler. You can read more about that in our blog post on the topic.  If you decide to return to a mainstream school then can enrol using your formal Clonard report.  Having a DoE registration number will make it even easier.

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