Gentleman Filling In A Homeschooling Registration Form

Homeschooling registration with the DoE

Parents are encouraged to register their children as homeschoolers with the Department of Education (DoE) in South Africa. Students registered with a curriculum provider, such as Clonard, are not automatically registered with the DoE. Unfortunately, the DoE requires parents to register their children themselves.

Students in grade R and those 16-years-old and over are not required to be registered. Clonard provides parents with the forms to complete and the address to which to send them (each province is different). Parents are advised to make copies before submitting and to have a proof of delivery. The forms are processed and then a DoE official will contact parents to arrange a home visit. This home visit is to check that the child’s education is being taken seriously, that they have a desk to work on, proper textbooks to work from and that they are being taught by their parents at home. After the home visit there is some more processing to do and then the DoE will send parents a letter advising them of successful departmental registration as a homeschooler and will provide an official registration number for each child.

This departmental registration number, coupled with an official Clonard report, will ensure that students are accepted back into mainstream schools in the future. For this reason it is advisable that parents make the time to go through the bureaucratic process of registering their children with the DoE. It may take a while, the forms can be tedious to complete (we are always there to help) but in the end it is worth the effort as parents have the peace of mind that their children have all options available to them in the future.


  1. Hi. I want to register my son for grade 5 next year? I went online to see the registration process and i see i have to register first with the Department Of Education? How long does this registration process take before my son can start home schooling?

  2. My daughter should subscribe into Grade 2, we don’t live in South Africa so how does it work? How will I be able to demonstrate in the future that my daughter has done her school work?

    • Hi Annazora, thank you so much for your enquiry. We will be back in the office tomorrow to answer all your questions. If you would like to send us an email with your contact number then we can also phone you. Have a great day further. Kind regards The Clonard Team

    • We recommend that you register with the DOE when you register with us. They may never reply however as long as you keep the proof that you sent through your information then you will be fine. Thank you

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