How much does homeschooling cost?

After you have considered the wonderful benefits of homeschooling the next consideration for most parents is price. So how much does homeschooling in South Africa cost? The short answer is: much cheaper than school.

Private school fees in South Africa are far out of the price range of most families. And even if you can afford them, your child can still fall through the gaps and come home with hours and hours of homework for you to do with them and it leaves you wondering what you are even paying all those fees for. Not to mention the cost of uniforms, compulsory sport’s kits, travel to and from school each day and all the extra little expenses that really begin to add up. The fees of state schools have even begun to creep up to expensive levels for most.

Homeschooling means that you do not have the daily travel expense and there is no uniform to worry about. Eating lunch at home together can also be far cheaper than packing a lunch box each day with snacks and tuck shop money. The most significant saving, though, is on the school fees. Clonard’s fees for the entire year are similar to a single month’s fees at prestigious private schools!

A great example of the difference that homeschooling can make to your bank account is a story of a Clonard registered family. Both parents were working full-time and still battling to scrape through each month keeping their three children in a private school. After much deliberation they decided to homeschool their kids to ensure that they were not lost in the system. The decision was based upon their children’s education rather than cost, but the benefits to their pocket were incredible! Mom quit her job and stayed home with the kids to teach them while dad continued to work full-time. The family went from two incomes down to only one and yet they still had more “extra” money than when both parents were working, because the cost of school fees so greatly reduced.

Deciding to homeschool is not only a great decision for your child’s education, but it can also make a huge difference to your bank account as it often works out far cheaper than mainstream school fees.