Homeschooled Girl Sitting Working With Her Text Book

Legitimacy of homeschooling

Homeschooling is legal in South Africa. The Department of Education has a number of requirements for homeschooled learners and parents such as attendance records, continuous assessment portfolios and testing of skills in the various phases of education. Clonard Education is a homeschooling curriculum provider that makes sure that all departmental requirements are adhered to.

Parents that wish to send their children back to a mainstream school after homeschooling are able to do so using our formal reports. Our reports hold weight as our qualified teachers set and mark the exams and assessments and can be used to enrol children into schools. We make sure that main textbooks used are all CAPS approved and the subjects covered in each grade are in line with the department’s requirements. This all ensures a seamless transition back into a mainstream school. In order to ensure no difficulty in acceptance, we recommend that parents also register as homeschoolers with the DoE and you can read about that in our previous blog post.

Clonard has over 20 years of experience in putting together homeschooling curricula for parents to successfully teach their children at home. Our world-class service and support coupled with our excellent educational material, high standards of testing and formal reports means that all children homeschooled with Clonard can easily return to a mainstream school in the future.

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