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Pre-school (Grade RRR & RR)

Our (Grade RRR and RR) manual is structured around the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements and follows recognised Early Childhood Development guidelines. The emphasis is on giving parents educationally sound tools to better enable childhood development by 'learning through play'.

The manual includes development milestones which are given along with activities that are easily achievable at home. A box with equipment, that is both age appropriate and open-ended, is supplied along with creative ideas about using the materials effectively. The manual is written by a qualified teacher and is flexible enough to suit individual needs and circumstances.

How it works

Preschool step 1
pre-school how it works step 2
pre-school how it works step 3
pre-school how it works step 5
pre-school how it works step 6
pre-school how it works step 7

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