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Often when making a decision it is a good idea to make a pros and cons list.

When making the important decision of whether or not to homeschool most parents want to get as much information as possible before deciding.

We have put together a pros and cons list for homeschooling. We have based this on feedback from parents that are homeschooling and research that we have done about the social, emotional, intellectual and psychological impact of both mainstream education and homeschooling.


  • nurturing environment
  • safety from bullying
  • protection from harmful influences of peers
  • teaching suited to the individual learner
  • one-on-one attention
  • ability to work at your own pace
  • flexibility of timetable, “school” days and holidays
  • no homework
  • extra time for kids to be kids
  • confidence building
  • allows a family to be closer
  • more time to spend on your interests
  • space to develop a unique sense of self
  • very rewarding


  • less quiet time for the parent teaching
  • lots of time and energy planning lessons, learning, teaching, etc. – it is definitely not the easy route
  • it can add stress to relationships between a child and parent that are already difficult
  • difficulty in setting boundaries between mom/dad and “teacher”
  • children will test the limits of their parents much more easily than they will with a teacher
  • more time with kids at home means more mess and less time to clean it up
  • an effort needs to be made to engage in extra mural activities


Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!