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Tutor / Parent Support Programme

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Clonard Educations’ Tutor and Parent membership Support Programme aims to build a relationship between Clonard Education, parents and tutors by providing a unique platform for additional support. The Tutor and Parent Support Programme also offers a teaching enrichment programme, and the opportunity connect with others, share ideas, receive advice as well as develop their own skillset and/or Tutor Centre.


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Linking Clonard clients with relevant academic support options.

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Sharing educational ideas and advice.

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Supporting the development of tutor centres.

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Supporting parents throughout their new teaching role.

Are you a Tutor/Tutor Centre?

Many home education parents enlist the support of tutors for the children. There are different models that tutors can use to provide tutoring services both online or in person. This can be done on an individual basis or in a group setting with morning or afternoon sessions offered to both home-educated and school going children. The possibilities are endless and the demand is greater than ever. It is important to note that tutoring services cannot be offered in a manner that resembles a school. Please contact us for specific terms and conditions. To find out more about joining our Tutor Support Programme and signing up for a tutor membership – please fill out your details to receive the full information pack and an application form.

Are you a Parent?

Our Tutor Support Programme not only aims to build a relationship between Clonard Education and tutors but it also caters for parents who are tutoring and guiding their children.
The Tutor Support Programme also offers a platform for parents to attend age/grade relevant presentations and discussions which will assist them in, and share ideas to nurture, their development journey with their children.

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