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Dear Parents, Tutors and Learners at Clonard Distance Education


We, as South Africans, have now been under the National Lockdown for one week, and many of us are still adjusting to these strange and unfamiliar conditions. During this time our primary concern is the safety of our staff, and more importantly, our learners. In light of this, we hope that all of you and your families are staying safely at home.


The National Lockdown has also brought with it some uncertainty regarding the Mid-Year Examinations and the submission of SBA Tasks for those learners in FET Phase (Grades 10, 11 & 12).


With regards to the FET SBA Tasks, we have adapted our processes to ensure that our learners can still submit their completed assessments to us via email at These are currently being sent to our teachers for marking. Additionally, the Clonard staff are still working remotely and are available to provide you with any support you may need during this time. As such, if you have any queries or concerns regarding the submission of assessments, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us.


Regarding the Mid-Year Examinations, we are currently still planning for these to start in the first week of June. However, we will only be releasing the finalised examination timetable once the National Lockdown has been lifted. In the interim, please do not worry unnecessarily about the exam timetable. We will ensure that it is issued at least one month before the exams are scheduled to start. As such, we ask that all our learners please continue working through the curriculum at home as per the normal work schedule. This way, you will have covered all the work necessary to prepare yourselves sufficiently for the examinations once the timetable is issued.


To all our learners and parents, we understand that the current lockdown must be extremely distracting and disruptive for your learning experience. For the Grade 12 learners in particular, we understand that this must be especially difficult during your final year of schooling. We ask you all to please prioritise both your physical and mental health during this time, and please be assured that if you need any support from us during this time, you need only contact us.


For those parents and learners who are looking for additional learning resources to help them through this period of being stuck at home, we have compiled a brief list of several good websites where you can access online learning resources during the lockdown:


We hope that these resources will aid you during this time. As stated above, should you require any further academic support from us at Clonard, please just send an email to


Many thanks, kind regards and stay safe.


Duncan Park

Head of Academics