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Below is a list of tried and trusted study tips to help your kids get through the exams and come out tops.

Quiet Space

Find a quiet space in your home that is free of distractions (both visual and aural) where your child can settle down and concentrate.  Take regular breaks in between to rest and move around.


After each section encourage your child to take a break then test them on what they have just learnt. They can go back over problem areas again before moving on to the next section.

Learning Styles

Some people are visual learners whilst others are auditory or kinaesthetic learners and some are a combination of the above. Each learning style has its own way of doing things.

Study Aids

Use appropriate study aids such as flow charts, spider diagrams, colour coded notes, audio recordings, or incorporate movement into the learning process. Learning style influences what aids work best.


Remember to always get a good night’s sleep.  This is when our brains organise and store information. Go over some important points before bed to really maximise this sleep benefit.


The amount of times and duration of each study session depends on each individual child.  It is a good idea to have a certain time set aside each day leading up the exams for studying.  Sometimes it helps to create a detailed study timetable to stick to.