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What is my role as a homeschool parent?

A lot of homeschool parents often wonder what their specific role would be when making the decision to homeschool their child. Questions like do I need to be a qualified teacher in order to homeschool my child? Can my child self-study? Often tend to come up in the decision-making process.

It is important for parents to understand that home-schooling is not a self-study programme. Your child will need your guidance, throughout their school career to ensure they grasp a thorough understanding of the tasks/ work at hand. We find the more involved the parent the better the child’s chances are at making a success of their home-schooling journey.

The great thing about the Clonard syllabus is that you do not have to be a qualified teacher in order to teach your child from home. The curriculum is perfectly set out to support you every step of the way. Our product range includes a few items including a Teacher’s Pack which we highly recommend as this contains a Teacher’s Manual, covering many topics that are relevant to home-schooling parents.

Weekly schedules as well as teaching instructions assist our parents in keeping track of their child’s tasks.  Answer manuals (including explanations and calculations) for every text book are also provided. In addition, there is a helpline to every subject teacher available throughout the year. Assessments and exams are set and marked by our qualified teachers, and we send out a report after each set of exams. Our friendly and caring office staff are also available via telephone or email throughout the year to assist you with any queries that you may have along the way.

Although homeschooling can often be very challenging, it can be just as rewarding to watch your child prosper in a safe, nurturing environment such as your own home.

The beauty of home schooling with Clonard is that it is never too late to enrol your child. 23 years of quality education all from the comfort of your home. www.clonard.co.za

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